Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lots of Love for Locks of Love.

For a couple of years now, I have wanted change.  For one reason or another, I never chopped my hair off completely. I did cut off about 12 inches several months ago, but that still left me with about 3 feet of hair. Today, I finally did it; I cut off over 12 inches. This is one small thing that can benefit people in light of everything that has been happening to those that I love. My hair is going to make a wig for a child who has long term hair loss.

That's my new hairstyle in the corner of the book!

Locks of Love is a place that helps to build the self esteem of children who have long term hair loss for a variety of reasons. There are more details on the Locks of Love website. This program is specifically for financially disadvantaged children, so some details are kept private. What I do know is that chopping off my hair felt a whole lot better knowing that in a few months a child is going to smile because of me. Love to you little boy or girl. I hope that I keep you smiling for months.


  1. I love that you did this! :) I have cut my hair twice in the last few years and donated to the locks of love. I too went super short this last time. I love it though. I got the angled bob. It was like a whole new ME! :)

    Have a great day - Love from ButterBeans&ChicPeas


  2. Blessings to you for doing this!

    New blog follower from

  3. I have had the same hair for who knows how long, and I just get little trims, but have decided that I will be making the drastic 12 inch cut for Locks of Love. I am nervous for myself but so excited for the opportunity it will give a child.

  4. So, I won the giveaway on Penny Pinching Polly. I wasn't sure how else to get ahold of you. You can email me at! Thanks! I am really excited!