Thursday, January 6, 2011

3 Tiny Blessings

A shop worth mentioning.

A few weeks ago, I won a beautiful blanket and appliquéd burp cloth set from 3 Tiny Blessings. I have to say, when I get something for free, I usually don’t expect much. I have to say how happily surprised that I was when the package arrived.

First of all, the blanket and burp cloth arrived wrapped very nicely with a matching grosgrain ribbon, as if I were receiving it as a gift. It is always a nice surprise when someone takes the time to package something like they would want to receive it. It shows that they care about their customers. I spent several years in business management and development, so I have to say that I can tell the difference between doing the minimum, and going the extra mile. Vickie at 3 Tiny Blessings goes the extra mile.

On to the good stuff. Love the blanket. It measures 39” x 40” just like in the original description. I have an experienced quilter in my family, so I know good work. This is good work. Straight, neat stitching, on the handmade binding (that’s the pink around the edges). The blanket is light weight; Pink flannel on one side, and patterned cotton on the other. This means it can be used year round in all climates. Those of us in the cold parts of the country know how to bundle a baby, but our warm neighbors can also use this to block the sun without overheating baby. That is always a good thing!

The burp cloth makes me want my daughter to be a baby again! Vickie took the same care on this binding. I have to say that making curved edges is not an easy thing to do, but she makes it look like it is for her. The flower appliqué is made using the same pink flannel as the blanket plus a coordinating green flannel leaves, and white flannel flower center. The stitching is noticeable is intended to enhance the design. This blanket is way cuter in person then either my photos or the one on 3 Tiny Blessings Facebook Page.

I am loving the matching business card, too.

Best of all, I am giving this blanket to the next person who I have to come up with a baby girl gift for; that means you Caysie! I hope you love it as much as I do.


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