Monday, January 3, 2011

Teacher Gifts

For Christmas this year, I had a bunch of fresh foods in mind.  However, when the flu stuck our house the week before Christmas break, I did not dare ask anyone to eat food from our house.  Closer to Christmas, when everyone was healthy, I did give out baskets of freshly baked bread and homemade jams and jellies to our close friends and loved ones.  What does that have to do with teachers?  I baked for an entire week, and pretty much decided I had to come up with something different for the teachers. 
What to do?  I found inspiration at Kojo’s Designs blog.  Check out what they did.
They made some gorgeous yard wrapped letters.  I went to the craft store, but found myself wandering around as there really was nothing useful for my concept.  When I was about to settle for the wrong thing just to leave the store, divine intervention happened;  Miss Caitlyn had to use the big girl potty NOW.  We ran to the restroom.  On our way out, I came across these fancy looking letters made from small bells.
AHA! Intervention/Inspiration!  I picked up one representing the first letter of each teacher’s last name. Yes, my 3 kids have 8 main teachers.  After I got home, I realized I had forgotten Ms. Jill, the art teacher, and part of my inspiration.  Gasp.  Jill, if you are reading this, I so owe you something handmade, let me know if you see something in this blog that you like and I will customize it for you. J

Now that I have these cool letters home, what to do with them.  I dug through my craft stash, and decided that they needed flowers.  Not just any flowers, but fabric flowers.  So I whipped up a batch of assorted colors and designs.  Honestly, I got sick of working with yellow, so I started to add the pink.  Once I had 8 flowers, I went back to my accessories box played with the embellishments to complete the centers.  I hot glued the center of the flowers and then hot glued them onto the letters.  Easy peasy. 
You may notice that I have 3 M’s.  I decided to wrap them up and just put a little note on each corner so I did not get the letter confused.  I use plain, white freezer paper (I love freezer paper!), and ribbon scraps to wrap them.  Cute, sweet, and only a week late.

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